Maman - The Ocean in the Drop

My mom now seventy-two years old has a grace about her I cannot describe in words. Her wrinkles, although there are many, each one is an intricate design unique only to her and her story. A map of time and memories. Decisions some good and some bad. Lines leading to lines, curves and creases. The tenderness and gentleness of a feather, with the strength of mountain. My mom is my muse, my magical mentor and soul sister. The title of this series 'Maman - The Ocean in the Drop' is inspired by a quote from Prem Rawat: "That there is a drop in the ocean, everyone knows. But that there is an ocean in the drop, only a few understand." "You are the drop," he says, "and there is an ocean inside of you that you can know."

Premstar Santana