"An artist dedicated to truth. Her attention to craft and access to emotion is rare among actors. She is a performer to watch and a joy to work with. Watch her in any performance on screen or stage, you simply cannot take your eyes off her. Her raw honesty, her unpredictability, and unconventional beauty give her a shine many performers dream of. She is a stunner-- A star in the making."
-Joseph Graham, Writer/Director

"Embodying the dauntless essence of the indie spirit, actress Premstar Santana is fast becoming the creative vision fans should celebrate...From her acting style to her choice of projects, Premstar is flying the flag for clever individualism and advancing female-fronted narratives. The industry certainly needs a positive force such as Premstar who compellingly pushes for self-expression unburdened by customary standards." -Haren Yong, Web Editor and Actress Blogger

"Intense, quirky, and original, Prem always brings surprises to the table that provide insight, but are first and foremost great fun to experience. She consistently combines great insight into character needs and obstacles with surprising moment-to-moment work that is original and enormously entertaining.  A very special talent."
-Peter Frisch, The Frisch Studio, Celebrity Coach, Former Juilliard, Carnegie Mellon + Boston University Faculty

"The opening film, Luna — written, directed by, and starring Premstar herself — immediately set the tone for the rest of the festival [Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival] . Premstar’s film let me know that she was not bullshitting about her clarion call to elevate the game. The piece resonated with me emotionally, and I had the rare moment of instantly recognizing a fellow sister/creator. After watching her other work in the festival (the sci-fi tinged Dos Lunas) I understood Premstar to be a thoughtful and gifted artist. Her work is deeply personal, poetic, and at times haunting. She creates compelling cinema, so I felt confident that I would enjoy the films presented."-Lisa Bolekaja, BITCH FLICKS