Premstar will star in the upcoming feature film MAYFIELD

Mayfield is a coming-of-age story about two people in their 30s who are thrown together by circumstance. Oh, and it’s true. Well, most of it. 

We meet Elliot; safe, steady, and locked into a life that is predictable. He books a ride-share to go to a wedding that he really doesn’t want to go to. His girlfriend needs him up there; he’s been summoned, so... he’s heading up north.

His ride-share partner is a quirky, off-beat girl and the complete opposite of Elliot. She is unpredictable, daring, maybe a little bit dangerous... Elliot is in for the ride of his life. 

Over the course of 48 hours their lives will forever change. As isolated and singular as their lives have been up to now, together they find meaning, fun, romance, adventure, and the other side of who they both should be.

This is a coming-of-age story for the already adult; but it’s also a love story. It offers a chance that we all wish for at any age; meeting someone who understands you for who you are; someone who you want to be better for; someone you can trust and love.

What they discover is rare, magical, and inspirational.  We all could use a trip to... Mayfield. 

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MAYFIELD promotional trailer, starring Premstar Santana and Aaron Therol


LUNA is the story of one woman's journey of self discovery. Like the phases of the moon, LUNA invokes processes of transformation and gravity. Magical and surreal, LUNA is pulled from a dark exorcism to a joyful understanding of the dual parts of her inner-most self, to the serenity and fullness of knowing her place in the universe.


Written, directed by and starring Premstar Santana


Premstar during Q & A session about LUNA at the Los Angeles Underground Film Forum

Premstar Santana in LUNA