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Premstar Santana is an award winning SAG - AFTRA actor, a filmmaker & Founder of Moonfaze Films and the Moonfaze Feminist Film Journal (formerly known as the Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival). She is also a photographer and a multidisciplinary artist. View and shop her work here

With over a decade of acting training & experience, and a background in dance & design, Premstar has created a unique body of work that speaks from the heart, and to the heart. Her goal as an artist is to be constantly creating and collaborating, bringing important stories to life in the most truthful and beautiful ways.  

Premstar is her given name. Most people call her Prem, which means love in Hindi. 


"Embodying the dauntless essence of the indie spirit, actress Premstar Santana is fast becoming the creative vision fans should celebrate...From her acting style to her choice of projects, Premstar is flying the flag for clever individualism and advancing female-fronted narratives. The industry certainly needs a positive force such as Premstar who compellingly pushes for self-expression unburdened by customary standards."

- Haren Yong, Web Editor and Actress Blogger


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